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This is all-in-one discipleship program is geared for both adults and youth.


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Quick Glance at D2D

What is D2D?

D2D is an all-in-one, systematic discipleship program for both adults and youth. It's simple, yet highly engaging, and it really works. The problem with most Bible studies and Sunday School lessons is that they're ether hard to understand, hard to teach, or they're extremely boring. Everybody wants to grow in their faith. But in D2D your people will grow AND learn how to share their faith. They'll also get plugged in to a ministry, and have a great time doing it too! And you know what? Your people are just waiting to be challenged! D2D is being used in many countries around the world, and you can see it work for you and your Church too.

How does it work?

D2D is comprised of 3 levels, but has a unique entry gate called, New Beginnings. Once they finish this class, the teacher (and the assistant's) main job just get them into level 1 of D2D. The lesson plans are easy to teach, and the students love how interactive it is. When a level is completed there's class party, where you all celebrate completing the level. This also where student's get excited for the next level. After Level 3, students graduate and have the opportunity to enter the beginning stages of leadership training.

D2D Curriculum Map

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to go through the entire D2D program?

The program itself can be tailor-made to your own needs, and taken at a slow pace. But D2D is a discipleship curriculum, that if followed as suggested— It takes approximately 9 months.

Is D2D just for youth, or can adults use it as well?

Youth and adults can both use D2D. As a matter of fact, when both age groups go through it together, the Pastor can be sure that everyone is on the same page, and learning the key fundamentals of Christianity together. So, it becomes a big win for everyone and creates a lot of good momentum for the entire Church.

Is it possible to see a sample of the discipleship lessons?

Absolutely. Just click on the picture and you’re have access to both, the Teacher’s lesson as well as the Student’s lesson (with fill-in-the-blanks). If you're unable to download it, simply click on this link: Sample Lesson

Is it possible to use the D2D curriculum in a small group setting?

Yes. Each lesson comes with discussion questions that are specifically designed to provoke thought and stimulate conversation. D2D is being used in small group formats right now. So, it's not just for the “classroom” setting.

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"I've seen a lot of people come into D2D, and I've seen a lot of changed lives in there."

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